Friday, July 12, 2013

david fucks up liking cosplay chick somehow.

  • Arrgh! Im insanely in love with you Maridah and I want to see you at AX! lol.
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    • David Alexander Cardamone how can love be creepy? lol.
      • Taylor Locke When you've never actually met the person or know them on a deep emotional level and only for their looks because you be just creepin' on their pages and fappin to all the pics.
      • David Alexander Cardamone Theoretically, but you would never say that on a gay cosplayer's page to some guy liking another guy cosplayer due to fear of being a gay basher. Its pretty typical of everyone to say that to a guy who likes a girl. But, I have watched Maridah on video and thus that reveals her personality and thus that shows who she is. Its the future, not the past. People meet each other on the internet and fall in love with each other. I know friends and family who have met their lovers on the internet and got married. Its the future, son. its how people meet now.
      • Taylor Locke Cool story bro. How about you tell me more about how you're a creep ass?
      • Brian Raker Wow... creepermuch? *shivers*
      • Frances Delgado You've gone far past "typical" flirting with someone and are just coming off as a stalker...
      • David Alexander Cardamone you guys are pretty much entry level in rhetoric and logic. You respond in cliche-like mutterings to silly postings on facebook like puppets. The next time you all see someone on the net and fall in love with them, expect everyone to accuse you of being a stalker.
      • Franz Prowant holy creep sacks, I think I just peed myself a little bit reading that dude's posts
      • David Alexander Cardamone i do sure hope you did pee your pants yourself.
      • Frances Delgado Falling in love with someone you never met and then proceeding to obsess over them online isn't healthy and not something normal people do. So i don't think we'll have to worry about being called a stalker...
      • Franz Prowant infatuation != falling in love && physical attraction != falling in love && people aren't themselves in video, you tend to be naturally more polite and shit cause you know... EVERYONE IS WATCHING or something like that, maybe? now if you said you met her in a cafe while talking about satirical shit and whatnot without knowing the girl was in fact maridah, then that's a whole different story now, isn't it? lolol
      • David Alexander Cardamone Im not obsessed. and that is not a definition of a stalker. Millions of people meet others on the net and fall in love with them. This is the future, nimrod. We live in the internet age. We know more about people from their bios and videos than we would meet them in person. Meeting a person doesn't tell us anything about them anymore. Making small talk in the first meeting or couple of meetings doesnt reveal enough about hte person. Again, emphasis is on the internet age. We dont fall in love with real people anymore that doesnt happen. We fall in love with digital, artifical identities.
      • Frances Delgado OMG OMG OMG DID YOU PHOTOSHOP YOUR FACE ONTO THESE!!! I'M ROLLING!! THIS IS GLORIOUS! You sir, are a bonafide creep ass!
      • Franz Prowant ^^ I personally like "THE SEX MACHINE" one, LOOOOOL
      • Franz Prowant eharmony, man, give it a try
      • David Alexander Cardamone apparently you dont understand high literature. Im sure you dont even have a college degree. I myself have an art degree. You have never heard of these books or read them. I in fact, have these rare books and others because I have a deep love of literature. But you do not. I have read over 800 books as I am a highly cultured individual. I have read all of Nietzsche, Kirkegaard and other philosophy books; Ferinand Celine, John Barthes, Thomas Pynchon, and of course most of the classics like War and Peace by Tolstoy. My pic posted on those is a part of my artwork and is supposed to be humorous, but since you are a level one intellectual, you wouldn't understand that. You are just a kid who reads manga, and not high brow literature like myself. The rate of reading in manga is pretty much remedial reading, even though the art in some manga can be beautiful. Those are spy book spoofs from the 60's that you have never heard of. and I have ALL of them. I have about 1,000 spy spoof books from the 60's that are out of print and hard to find. But you perhaps have never heard of this culture, because you are UNCULTURED. I am very, very, very super-humanly cultured. Have studied French Surrealist Poetry in french? NO. Of course not. Have you read "Death is a STar" in french? no. Do you even know that the anime, "Ghost in the Shell: Innocence" is based on a surrealist book? NO, of course not. But I do, beause I am an INTELLECTUAL. and you, are not.
      • David Alexander Cardamone heres some reading that may increase your intelluect, hopefully.
      • Jean Francois Delgado For someone with an art degree, you sure did a fantastic job with the photo sho... no I can't bring myself to say it. My 5 year old niece could do better with crayons...
      • Taylor Locke I have the internet. ALL THE BOOKS.
      • Geoff Bisente Hahaha, high literature..

        I'm reading books by Charles Darwin right now... Does that make me classy? No, it means I have a kindle on my tablet.

        ALL THE BOOKS!
      • Tom 'Bearpigman' Fulgione holy shit dude you must have bodies in your basement
      • Mark Allen Jr Apparently you don't understand low literature. I'm sure you don't even have a social life. I myself have an art social life. You have never heard of these social skills or read about them. I in fact, have these rare social skills and others because I have a deep love of not being a creeper. But you do not. I have read over 800 books as I am a highly socialized individual. I have read all of Goosebumps, Animorphs and other fiction books; T.H. White, T.S. Elliot, Madeline L'Engle, and of course most of the classics like The Lord of the Rings by Tolkein. My life posted on those is a part of my social work and is supposed to be non-creepy, but since you are a level MAX intellectual, you wouldn't understand that. You are just a kid who reads Tolstoy, and not low brow literature like myself. The rate of reading in Tolstoy is pretty much advanced reading, even though the art in some Tolstoy can be invisible. Those are social books from the 00's that you have never heard of. And I have ALL of them. I have about 1,000 social books from the 00's that are a dime a million and easy to find. But you perhaps have never heard of this culture, because you are SUPERCULTURED. I am very, very, very sub-humanly cultured. Have studied Japanese hentai in Japanese? NO. Of course not. Have you read "Bakemonogatari" in Japanese? No. Do you even know that the movie "The Matrix" is based on a surrealist book? NO, of course not. But I do, because I am a SOCIAL. And you, are not.
      • Brian Raker Someone having an art degree and having claimed read many books does not make oneself 'cultured'. It only makes you well read. My friends having not heard of such novel series of Mack Bolan and The Executioner (amongst many others) does not make them uncultured. It simply points out that you enjoy that type of literature, of which my friends may or may not care for. An intellectual individual would not resort to your baseless and unfounded retorts but would encourage discussion.

        Please let me know when you can continue this conversation as a civilized individual.
      • Michael Spadafore You know you mentioned "Theoretically, but you would never say that on a gay cosplayer's page..." That has nothing to do with anything..... last time I checked this isn't a "gay cosplayers page". Its alright to meet someone over the internet but the way you are doing it is just wrong! Not to mention creepy.....
      • Franz Prowant Dude do you even read 私がモテないのはどう考えてもお前らが悪い by 谷川ニコ in Japanese? WELL I DO, because I am a MOTELLECTUAL.See Translation
      • Nox Kreiker Guys, we may as well pack this up. This guy has an art degree, and we simply cannot comprehend his solipsistic mind. That was sarcasm, by the way.

        Truth = You're a pathetic low-life who attempts to justify his actions of making people uncomfortable by saying "It's the way of the future!" and then using made up statistics and fantasies to further your own delusions.

        Truth = YOU NEED HELP, DUDE.
      • Michael Spadafore Hey david...I dont even read that much and I can tell that reading a little of what you linked is bad for people...... Go read real stories
      • David Alexander Cardamone i read Tolkien when I was 6 years old. I did read White, Elliot and L'Engle before I turned 10 years old. Those were my childhood books. Hentai? um.. are you actually suggesting that a creep like myself haven't watched hentai in japanese? For real? I saw Tohio Maeda's Urotushodoji series when they came out, in japanese I myself actually projected the anime on the big screen at my art school on sundays when I would do my weekly film screenings of such art films like Fellini and Godard. A social? Well it appears some of the media you like are more "mainstream" or "Lemming" in a way. I am not 'social" in the way that I want to be popular or social with "lemmings". I like to be in the shadows like a ninja, where my world is in the underground- like counter-culture movement of the 60's, the underground rave, where my interests are the counter-culture, the rebellion against mainstream, the rebellion against totalitarianism of conglomerate-enforced consumerism, the youthful rebellion of the counter-culture, and how it changes in times to meet the demands of escaping the mainstream. So, basically, I like to keep myself in touch with things that are unheard of, out-of-print, and way out of the normal. Its true I did see Bakemonogatari anime of course, but I see no reason to read the book. I would like to see more anime that is more high-brow and has more in-depth literary trope, and read more like classical literature. I usually get the impression that the "Lemmings" see the "Non-Lemmings" as creepy, usually.
      • David Alexander Cardamone Im one man versus an army. That's always been me. You: The Herd. Me: The Ubermensch.
      • Tom 'Bearpigman' Fulgione of course the first hentai he mentioned would be urotsukidoji
      • Frances Delgado I see you used spell check this time, congrats! I myself know some big words! Onomatopoeia and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious come to mind! However none of this gives you a free card to be a person on a strangers page saying things that are downright inappropriate. At this point you're not going to win her over with some fancy book learnin. If anything you're hurting your case by being such a terrifying human being.
      • Michael Spadafore And that is impressive how? Tolkien was a childhood book for me as well. You know that whole " where my world is in the underground- like counter-culture movement of the 60's" in this day and age doesn't exists because of how many people are trying to be "underground" and way from the mainstream. Realistically at a time Youthful rebellion of the counter-culture has to stop. How old are you anyways probably old enough where you should have a wife by now. and I hate to break to to you but Bakemonogatari is main stream.. if you want something that is truly underground for the moment try to read saya no uta. Its not that "Lemmings," see the "non-lemmings", as creepy when in fact that there not. I know a ton of people who would be considered a "NON-LEMMING" but you know what the difference between the you compared to them? They are not socially inept.
      • Mark Allen Jr I'm so happy you've read. Apparently, you haven't read enough to understand neither satire nor genuine disinterest. It really doesn't matter what you've read, what your degree is in, or whatever "counter-culture" you think you're involved in (btw, anyone who, in the 2010s, believes they are part of a counter-culture truly IS a lemming, as you are trying so hard to be different from the mainstream, as does everyone else who tries to do the same thing). You could have graduated Magna cum Laude for all we care. You could've been born in a river, adopted by dingos in Mozambique, and raised to be the new ruler of the land of Albion. None of these things change the fact that YOU ARE A CREEPER.
      • Nox Kreiker No one gets an art degree for the purpose of staying under the radar or "in the shadows". The only reason people get an art degree is to show it off. Which you have already done. So that whole paragraphic tripe pile you just finished spouting was pretty much just debunked... by you. Good one.
      • Davey Derp I agree with David, you guys are dumb and he is smart. He likes things that nobody likes and makes fun of you for not liking it but will also make fun of you if you like it after he liked it. Bunch of anime posers here I'll tell you what
      • Nox Kreiker "Im one man versus an army. That's always been me. You: The Herd. Me: The Ubermensch."

        So you're not only a total loser, you're an elitist loser with delusions of grandeur.
      • Michael Spadafore What do you do for a living anyways, I'm really interested actually
      • David Alexander Cardamone Im sure you all are proud of yourselves and did something wonderful today. Somehow you all gathered as an army against me for liking some cosplay chick. I guess you all deserve a gold star for criticizing my liking a cosplay chick. What an accomplishment.
      • Taylor Locke You can like a cosplayer. But when you claim you love her and have never actually met her than proceed to say how your love is true and not creepy. That's when people will go "WOW DUDE. BACK UP. THE FUCK?"
      • Michael Spadafore you never answered my question...... you know this would of never happened if you would of been more Suddle about it.
      • David Alexander Cardamone Micheal: Oh what I do for a living? I teach kids marital arts.
      • Brian Raker You didn't say like. You said 'love'. Big difference there, bub.
      • David Alexander Cardamone soo.. what is Love?
      • Taylor Locke Baby don't hurt me.
      • Geoff Bisente "I teach kids martial arts."

        Ladies and gentlemen who will understand this... I bring you, Steve Racer Jr...
      • Tom 'Bearpigman' Fulgione I'll pop the cork on the champagne
      • Taylor Locke I love you Geoff...
      • David Alexander Cardamone ok so you asked me what love is. Well it isn't hate, I can tell you that. So if love isn't hate, then whats your problem?
      • Nox Kreiker David Alexander Cardamone. You didn't just confess your feelings for a cosplayer, you made a person uncomfortable. And when you were called out on it, you said "how can love be creepy?". You then defended your total lack of social skill and common courtesy by insulting the intelligence of the people who called you out on your bullshit. And as the numbers massed, you continued your boasting and claims of higher intellect and knowledge. And now you're calling US the bullies?

        Wow, dude. Just wow.
      • Davey Derp I wanna know what love is
        I want you to show me
        I wanna feel what love is
        I know you can show me
      • Mark Allen Jr Hey David? Excuse me? Love isn't hate? DIARRHEA ISN'T HATE! That doesn't make it love!!
      • David Alexander Cardamone yeah well you make me feel uncomfortable too.
      • David Alexander Cardamone i wouldnt want to be at the same con with you guys.
      • Michael Spadafore You know if you worded it like "Hey Maridah I'm a really big Fan of yours and I can't wait to see you at AX lol" Then everything would of been fine. You don't go up to a girl (or write on her wall) That you are insanly in love with her when you have never actually Physically met her yet, all you would accomplish is scaring whoever you trying to confess to. Trust me.
      • David Alexander Cardamone ok so I did it the wrong way and I fucked up big time.
      • Michael Spadafore Pretty much. Just take it as a learning experience, something is only a big fuck up if you don't learn a lesson from it.
      • Jean Francois Delgado "David Alexander Cardamone: i wouldnt want to be at the same con with you guys."
        Don't worry, we wouldn't let you in anyways.
      • David Alexander Cardamone hater and unforgiver.
      • David Alexander Cardamone whos' we? THe big army of haters?
      • David Alexander Cardamone but you are all in one big HERD and not one person on my side. "To be Ubermensch, one must stray from the herd"- Neitzsche. So, this makes me the Ubermensch. I stand by my ideals and not the way you all follow each other like lemming herds. Lemmings. L-E-M-M-I-N-G-S. Lemmings. Lemmings. Herd. Cattle.
      • Davey Derp You forgot sheep. We are sheep and you are the wolf. The uberwolfe
      • David Alexander Cardamone the dreams and ambitions of the true eternal poet are worth more than the ignorant herd.
      • David Alexander Cardamone The Eternal Poet vs the Lemmings.
      • Nox Kreiker You are not the "ubermensch", David. You are the paper tiger. And we are not lemmings, we are the coming storm.
      • David Alexander Cardamone A storm of assholes that fart up a big stink cloud.
      • Tom 'Bearpigman' Fulgione we're the sharknado
      • Davey Derp Everything thing you say is just so great. Just great
      • Michael Spadafore And here I though I was getting somewhere..... David, I'm not trying to make fun of you at all just think about what I said in that comment, think about the way you approached this first. Think about this from the other side of the Mirror.
      • Jean Francois Delgado See, your "ubermensch" quotes only serve one purpose. We are all friends or acquaintances of Maridah, defending her from someone like you, who has clearly shown that you have no one to defend you, meaning your "ubermensch" statement clearly dictates that you have no friends. What's it like living the life of a loner? Check yourself, son.
      • Michael McKeen "i wouldn't want to be at the same con with you guys."

        We will be at AX'14 and possibly other cons, reading manga.
      • Nox Kreiker "A storm of assholes that fart up a big stink cloud."

        So much for that 'poet' bit. Where did you get your 'art degree'? Phoenix Online?
      • David Alexander Cardamone oh yeah Micheal, about the way I worded it. lol. At least I spoke my mind and did not hold it back. At least I partook of my freedom of speech and liberty. I didn't hold my liberties back. I didn't shelter myself, I didn't inhibit myself, I allowed myself freedom, for to be let loose, like a free spirit, is to follow ones dream and not hide from them. Instead of acting out in a way that makes life like a repetitive dream of obstinate obstacles, I wanted to pluck a fruit from a tree and not let it fall to be bruised. As the Eternal Poet, one must avoid all demonic attacks to attain the reality of untouched dreams.
      • Davey Derp You know, just because you CAN do something, it doesn't mean you SHOULD. Maybe one day, a girl you confess to on the internet will take to your charms and boy howdy prove all us sheeplemmings wrong.
      • David Alexander Cardamone Nox: Im sure if you cyber-stalked me you can see what art school I went to and my work/art/movies/music its all on the web.
      • Tom 'Bearpigman' Fulgione play this while reading his post on freedom of speech
        This is the Star Spangled Banner music and instrumental created by request. Plea...See More
      • David Alexander Cardamone oh like what I did was evil or something like that. This isn't a situation of Good vs Evil. This is pretty much people who are crybabies over internet social rules vs an Antisocial Misfit Artist.
      • Davey Derp No, not evil, just pretty creepy. Everything else you typed here in this thread has been good though. I can tell you're just a good guy trying to make his way in this world today, it just takes everything you got.
      • Davey Derp I mean, taking a break from all your worries sure would help a lot
      • David Alexander Cardamone thanks Davey. . Im not sure what your definition of creepy is, but my definition of creepy is like some redneck crystal-meth smoking white trash or something like that, that's my definition of creepy. Whats yours?
      • Skye Sea jesus did he just use the word "partook"
      • Nox Kreiker Only one of those three adjectives you just used I would agree aptly describes you. The other two are certifiably untrue.
      • Michael Spadafore You're right you did express your freedom in what you did here today, no one can take that way from you. Just remember for another day even though you may be the eternal poet, there is a time and place for everything. Even if you are a free spirit some times the winds are just not right.
      • David Alexander Cardamone you all dont deserve love if you dont defend it.
      • Frances Delgado we're not not defending love, we're defending Maridah from your harrassment.
      • David Alexander Cardamone I curse you, so that you may never find love. never.
      • Frances Delgado Wow, i'm sure she's just dying to run into your arms now!
      • Michael Spadafore Nope now you hit a nerve of mine. Who are you to tell other people that they are not defending love? Do you know what they love or who they love? YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT WHAT I Love or who I love so don't you dare tell me I dont deserve it because I'm n...See More
      • Davey Derp You're not really helping your cause there, with the cursing and what not. When you tell someone that you're "insanely" in love with them and want to see them, it throws up red flags.
      • David Alexander Cardamone are you demon-possessed or something?
      • David Alexander Cardamone my god they're just words. Do you really take them way too seriously in a way that you wish to misunderstand them? Like a picture is worth a thousand words, it seems to me that a word is worth a thousand sentences, and they are.
      • Tom 'Bearpigman' Fulgione Guys, his curse is legit. I'm pretty sure I got cancer in both my arms now, and every lady in the universe present past and future just called me up one by one to confirm that I will never find love. never. We better back off
      • Michael Spadafore Who me? Nope I'm not demon-possesed I'm just a defender of Love and all that is justice!
      • Nox Kreiker "yes she is"

        For the record. Don't go deleting your comments Mr. "I Speak My Mind."
      • David Alexander Cardamone oh you are a defender of Love? Bullshit. You all attacking me like demon-possessed maniacs.
      • Michael Spadafore I for one until what I just said did not. I am a defender of love, I love my friends not an a romantic way but in a way that is love none the less.
      • Davey Derp Judging by the rest of the things you've typed here, the general consensus is that, yes, you are in fact insane. Possibly crazy and/or psycho. I wish to know who your writer is so that I can nominate him for a golden globe
      • Michael Spadafore What you are feeling isn't love david, if it was love you wouldn't have posted this to her and inconvenienced her in this way. All you managed to do was call her out and put her on the spot. you didn't even think about her.
      • David Alexander Cardamone I see things in a different perspective. While you guys see things in "Peerspective" I have my own individual perspective that doesn't give in to "Peerspective". Think of it this way: if you were on a Gay Cosplay fan page and saw a gay fan tell the gay...See More
      • David Alexander Cardamone actually, I posted this on the day when I had only an hour of sleep, so it wasnt a perfect post.
      • Tom 'Bearpigman' Fulgione everytime i see 'straight bashing' being used in a non-satirical way part of my brain commits suicide
      • David Alexander Cardamone would you like to be 'straight-bashed' while watching the gays have all their libertine fun?
      • Michael McKeen So what you are saying is that we should say we support you out of fear that we look like we are "straight bashing" ?
      • Michael Spadafore so we can all say it was not in your best judgement when you posted this. I dont see things in any perspective other than my own. If I knew it made that cosplayer feel awkward I would attack them to regardless of what their sexuality is.
      • Michael McKeen the reality is, it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. It's sexual harassment. It's an unwanted advance.
      • Nox Kreiker You've gone to a level of stupid I've never seen before in my life. And I've witnessed some incredible levels of stupid.
      • Tom 'Bearpigman' Fulgione haven't been in the real world for a long time, have you?
      • Tom 'Bearpigman' Fulgione cause last I looked there isn't like a gang of gay banditos with motorcylces and chains burning down Hooters and taking Football Stadiums hostage
      • David Alexander Cardamone No it wasnt in my best judgement when I posted it, because I had only one hour of sleep for the few days. But I still dont see what I did as wrong or evil, just a little socially ackward but no more than that.
      • David Alexander Cardamone and youve gone to some incredible levels of assholism. See, a Public Figure or a Rock Star or a Movie Star will have millions of people saying silly stuff like saying they love them and shit like that. Thats what being a public figure is. NO I havent been in the real world, but Ive been in hell.
      • David Alexander Cardamone Nox: and you are at the level of anal worm.
      • Michael Spadafore You should get some rest, its not healthy for your body to run on that little of sleep. There is no such thing as Evil in this situation, just like you said a little socially awkwardness that made some people feel uncomfortable.
      • David Alexander Cardamone Tom: Since when was telling a girl you inanely love her is like being a gay bandito with motorcycles and burning down hooters like the "Pink Bunch"?... "An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth for a Tooth" if such is the case then whats the eye for my eye and the tooth for my tooth? Huh? Huh?
      • David Alexander Cardamone Micheal: Cant help it it wasnt out of choice, no sleep just happened.
      • Nox Kreiker Good lord... He just keeps going. He's like an Energizer battery of idiocy.
      • Michael Spadafore I think the best course of action for you would be to step away from the computer/laptop/table/phone and just go lay down and clear your head.
      • Tom 'Bearpigman' Fulgione "would you like to be 'straight-bashed' while watching the gays have all their libertine fun?" implies that there is a problem in the world of gay people actively attacking and oppressing straight people while they raise an amoral ruckus. (unless of course you goofed and mixed up 'libertine' and 'liberal', two completely different words) The notion of that is crazy and prejudiced to a ridiculous degree.
      • David Alexander Cardamone Tom:
        Well now here's one you don't see every day - a gay biker comedy from the Sevent...See More
      • David Alexander Cardamone I dont see telling any girl on earth if you insanly love her as wrong, I don't. Its not wrong or evil. Just the way I am. It may not be socially correct or whatever wets your noodle but Im too broad-minded to see the world through so many social rules. I break them. I may break social rules, but Im not evil.
      • Nox Kreiker Unfortunately for you, part of living in a society is following societal standards. Not following the rules doesn't make you a 'rebel', it makes you a dangerous individual. And you can sure as shit count on never meeting the person you "love", because ...See More
      • David Alexander Cardamone you need to smoke a joint, relax, and expand your mind, maaan, and see things in a different perspective.
      • David Alexander Cardamone I am right, and you all are wrong. I dont give a fucking fuck about social rules and societal standards. I am right because I told Maridah that I insanely love her, and that is more important to me than a fucking social rule.
      • David Alexander Cardamone So Eye for an Eye and Tooth for a Tooth, Nox.
      • Nox Kreiker "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." - Ghandi

        "I wash my hands of those who imagine chattering to be knowledge, silence to be ignorance, and affection to be art." - Khalil Gibran

        "You lose! Good day sir!" - Willy Wonka
      • David Alexander Cardamone ONly Lemmings follow the social rules of other lemmings.
      • David Alexander Cardamone "One must stray from the herd to be ubermensch"- Neitzsche.
      • Nox Kreiker "I said good day!" - Willy Wonka
      • David Alexander Cardamone as time passes by, you will remember this, and realize, from a different perspective that I am right and you all are wrong. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.
    • Victoria Holden Maridah, I'm insane and in love with you.
    • Katherine Mareep >dickwaves about being well-read and educated
      >can't spell "intellect"


      Tell me more about your fancy art degree! I'm sure it's serving you well in the current economy.
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    • Lacy Marie That wasn't... creepy... D:
    • Tom 'Bearpigman' Fulgione Uh... You do know that movie isn't real, or based on reality at all right? Its a comedy
    • Charles Wang My fellow comrades, after careful analysis, I have concluded that we have been debating a brick wall this entire time. I'm afraid I shall be taking my leave to preserve my sanity (and my aching sides). May the Force be with you.
    • Charles Wang If you proclaimed that you were "insanely in love" with a celebrity and that you couldn't wait to personally meet them at X major event, the only 'exciting encounter' you would have would be with security.
    • Charles Wang Awkward is relative. You're in a whole other dimension.
    • Charles Wang You just went full retard man. Never go full retard.

      Fail level: David Alexander Cardamone. Achievement unlocked!
    • Charles Wang Don't hit delete! At least use edit so we can get a good laugh!
    • Geoff Bisente Creeper troll... Tone it down and keep it in your pants, kid. You don't want to go down this road...